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My wife and I raised our family in a narrow 4 story brownstone. The basement stairs were 27” wide. The 4th floor bedroom had been converted from an attic.

Furnishing vintage and historic homes can be frustrating for homeowners, apartment dwellers and professional interior designers. Sofas and sleepers present a special challenge. 21st century upholstered seating, built with modern materials, is more generously proportioned and significantly more comfortable than the smaller scale seating crafted by 18th, 19th and early 20th century artisans. Upholstered furniture designed for modern homes and apartments often cannot fit through the narrow doors and stairways of older buildings.

Until now! 

Simplicity Sofas specializes in Furniture for Vintage and Historic homes. All sofas, sleepers and sectionals are scaled for smaller rooms and designed to fit through 15″ wide doors & stairways. 

 All Simplicity Sofas furniture is: 

* Hand-crafted one piece at a time in our High Point, NC factory. 

* Available with multiple custom options and a selection of 300+ fabrics and leathers.

* Constructed with solid oak frames, 2.5 density Ultracel foam or Spring down cushions and other premium materials.

* Sold direct to you and shipped nationwide to your home from our factory.

* Scaled for smaller rooms. Overall depth is only 32″ (5-10″ less than other sofas.) This is accomplished without reducing the size of the cushions. Simplicity Sofas furniture does not look or feel “small” in any way.  

88″ Ashton sofa. Shown with optional slipcover. Available in 300+ fabrics and leathers.

Simplicity Sofas opened its High Point, NC factory in 2007. The unique modular customization design resulted from 15 years of research and development, including 7 patents.

From the very beginning, the goal of Simplicity Sofas’ inventors was to create a new type of furniture that had never before existed – upholstered seating that could fit through narrow doors and stairways like cheap RTA (Ready to Assemble) sofas, but match the quality level of the finest high end custom-built  furniture.

80″ Megan leather sofa with T-cushion option. Fits through 15″ wide stairs and doorways.

Simplicity Sofas was named Best American Made Sofa Sectional 2018 by independent review site AllAmericanReviews.com.

Sectionals are available in dozens of configurations with virtually no size limit.

Fits through passageways as small as 8 inches in width.

The ManCave TV show purchased a fifteen seat Simplicity sectional measuring 17 ft. x 17 ft. for a basement room accessed by a curving 24″ wide staircase with a low ceiling.

See a video of a 7 year old girl assembling a sectional unit in 1 minute.

The modular design, with its interchangeable replaceable component parts, also enables the company to provide an “extreme” level of customer service that has been the subject of multiple articles by customer experience industry experts. 

Any individual part (arms, backs, bases, legs, cushion covers, cushion cores) that becomes damaged, stained or worn out over the lifetime of the furniture, can be quickly and inexpensively replaced. A new part is shipped direct to the customer who can install it in a few minutes without tools. 

Expensive professional repair service is never needed.

80″ Lorelei sofa. Shown with optional metal legs, “kidproof” fabric and storage ottoman. Available in custom sizes.

Simplicity Sofas has received many awards and honors over its 12 year history, beginning with the $20,000 Grand Prize in a nationwide competition for Most Innovative American Small Business in 2012. 

More recently, Simplicity Sofas was named 2018 Best American Made Sofa Sectional by independent review site AllAmericanReviews.com. Simplicity Sofas has also earned the highest average rating of 60 furniture companies reviewed by ConsumerAffairs.com.

A furniture industry survey report recently named Simplicity Sofas one of the Top 10 RTA furniture manufacturers in the world for 2018.

The company was selected as one of the subjects of actor/author William Shatner’s book about Entrepreneurship. During an interview for the project, Mr. Shatner commented, “Simplicity Sofas boldly goes where no furniture has gone before.”

This queen sleeper fits through 15″ width doors and stairways.  

Sleeper sofas can be particularly difficult to fit into vintage and historic homes. They are heavy, bulky and difficult to maneuver around sharp corners. Simplicity Sofas’ queen and full size sleepers all fit through even the smallest stairs and doorways.

Brandon 78″ sofa with chaise fits through 15″ width stairways and doors. 

50% of our customers have no need for any of the special features and benefits that make our furniture unique. They come to us based on word of mouth referrals from friends or family and our unblemished reputation for superior quality and customer service. Furniture Today, the primary trade publication for the furniture industry published an article about Simplicity Sofas’ quality.

For additional information please contact customer service at jeff@simplicitysofas.com or call the Simplicity Sofas customer service hotline 800-813-2889.


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