Five original paintings on SINGULART to incorporate into your interior design

Browse a selection of five unique original paintings available on SINGULART, and learn which paintings would pair best with minimalist, traditional, shabby chic or contemporary interior design.

Art is the ultimate touch to bring your interior decoration to life. No need to look any further than original paintings to decorate your home and express your creativity! If chosen right, original paintings will nicely complement your existing interior design and bring a refreshing perspective to your daily life. By adding color, texture, personality and charm to a room, paintings are the perfect addition to any home. Browse through our selection of five unique original paintings available on SINGULART, and continue reading to learn more about which paintings would go best in a minimalist, traditional, shabby chic or contemporary interior design.


A minimalist interior design is all about less is more. Think simple forms, geometric shapes and an understated color scheme. Abstract art is very well suited for this type of design style, as it brings out minimalism’s love for simplicity and sobriety. Abstract art is soothing to the eyes and mind – a fantastic choice to create a calm, refined and serene atmosphere, so emblematic of minimalism. This atmospheric landscape painting by Koen Lybaert, with its muted color palette, distinct striking tones and simple layout, will not only look stunning against your furniture, but will also introduce a pop of color and originality to your minimalist home decor. 

Portishead Beach (2022), Koen Lybaert


Harmony is traditional interior design’s number one characteristic. Snow in Laforêt Belgian village by Pol Ledent is the painting of choice to achieve a sense of order. The subject-matter has an old-fashioned, timeless quality to it, as if to remind the viewer that certain things like snow and mountains never change. The dark, warm colors combined with this familiar scene are typically traditional and classic, which in turn puts the viewer instantly at ease. This painting is an ode to the beauty of nature and the cultural heritage of Belgium. As a tradition-lover, you won’t be able to resist it.

Snow in Laforêt Belgian village (2021), Pol Ledent

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is often described as the culmination of everything soft, romantic and unpretentious. This conceptual fantasy painting by Zlatka Paneva is a visual delight: its calming atmosphere, graceful figures, pastel tones and authentic feeling are an ideal addition to a shabby chic interior design. This painting has a vintage feel to it, perhaps echoing ancient Rome and the power of memories. Its worn out, slightly faded appearance is just so shabby chic!

The Past is Springboard (2021), Zlatka Paneva


Create the contemporary interior design of your dreams with this figurative, semi-abstract nature painting. An elegant and graceful atmosphere comes through in this beautiful, dynamic composition, made visible by the red and orange anemones accentuated by the golden tones and lighter areas, which create an overall pleasing to the eye tableau. Bright colors contrast nicely with the more neutral tones, a use of color that is often found in contemporary interiors. Tap into the neutrality associated with contemporary interior design with this painting, which mimics vast open spaces, in a modern, uncluttered style.

Kleine Anemone / Small anemone (2021), Alexandra Hiltl


Bright, clashing colors and statement prints are what maximalism is all about. This exuberant style holds the promise of creative expression and playful energy, by embracing a flamboyant and eclectic take on colors, shapes and subject-matters. Amour by Guillaume & Laurie is everything that maximalism stands for. This graphic exploration of the word “love” (“amour” in French) communicates feelings of joy and positivity to the viewer, as it takes us on a journey full of discovery and surprises. Let your imagination roam free with this enchanting painting, that is sure to linger in your memory for days after.

Amour (2021), Guillaume & Laurie

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