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Janna Ugone & Co produces a modern heirloom collection of artful and distinctive handmade table, floor, ceiling and wall lighting, lamp shades, and home décor. Since 1987, this small team has fabricated their line in a restored New England mill building in Easthampton, MA.

Designer and owner, Janna Ugone, is passionate about lighting as a key component of transforming a house into a soulful home. Drawn to the remarkable beauty of nature, Janna uses this inspiration as a constant touch-point to her work. As an avid gardener and owner of a restored shingle style home, she welcomes the calming natural world and love of the outdoors into our daily lives; as one customer said… “making our home feel like a retreat.”

Combining inspirational art and utility for everyday creative living is at the company’s core. Creating lighting that makes a room feel unmistakably unique, and provide the proper light for the task at hand for years to come is the company’s mission. From classic period homes, to log cabins and cottages, each distinctive lamp or cohesive grouping adds an eclectic design element with original art that warms the home.

Janna Ugone & Co is driven by the creativity and craft of handmade lighting and tight-knit teamwork. The studio staff, who have been adding soul to the collection for over 36 years, are a small group of highly-trained artisans that collectively create each piece. With extraordinary attention to detail, they work closely with their clientele.  Their multifaceted production studio gives them the freedom to create for the unique residential market.  Sculpting their own hardware, designing, printing and fabricating lamp shades, producing metal and pottery bases, Janna Ugone & Co presents an exceptional collection that is authentically handmade in America.

Janna’s passion is also in creating and building local communities. “We have built relationships beyond our studio,” says Janna. “We love our constellation of local small-batch makers from welders to box makers contributing to every lamp that leaves our studio. We also believe in sharing our know-how through our mentoring program to a younger generation of artists. It’s a beautiful, caring community to balance a world of faster is better”.

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