Slim Line Insulating Pane

Drafty Windows? Lack of Energy Efficiency? Loss of Operation? Update your windows to modern standards.

If you’re tired of air, heat, and money flying out of the window (literally) then it’s time to check out the innovative Window SLIP™ (Slim Line Insulating Pane). You don’t need to get rid of your original vintage wood windows! In fact, many vintage wood windows can outlast today’s manufactured windows. The problems that vintage windows present when they’re not updated – drafts, low insulation, and little protection from the elements – are exactly what our product addresses, allowing you to retain the valuable integrity of your windows while enjoying modern standards!

This cost-effective product lets you keep your existing wood windows, but makes them more efficient, keeping you comfortable and saving you money! SLIPs are designed with form and function in mind, with a sleek look that makes it virtually invisible. The SLIP is attached directly to the sash, which is kerfed and weather-stripped to eliminate drafts and keep things nice and tight.

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