Dutch Tile Inc.

Dutch Tile has been importing AUTHENTIC, hand-formed, hand-painted and made to order Dutch tiles for over four decades.

Dutch Tile Inc. has been importing authentic Dutch tiles for over four decades. Our customers include architects, interior designers, contractors and homeowners.

Every tile you order is customized, in your choice of crackle or non-crackle glaze, color palette, and corner design. They are hand-formed and hand-painted Dutch tiles that are made to order for our customer using historical methods that originated in the Netherlands, based on traditional designs, many of which date back several centuries. Your order will be custom made in the only factory in Holland that hand-makes and hand paints the tiles all on site.

Dutch Tile provides customer service unlike you will find anywhere. We are trained to help you lay out a pattern, determine how many tiles you need, and discuss best installation methods. Visit our website dutchtile.com and see examples of tiles and projects that we have completed. Each project is unique and we are here to make it a success.

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