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Elegant and timeless works of art. Mesmerizing mosaics inspired by nature, culture, and your lifestyle.

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Founded in 1992 by artist and designer Sara Baldwin, New Ravenna has established a reputation as the world’s most exquisite collection of custom stone and glass (and basalto! and shell! and metal!) mosaics for both home and commercial installations. From the coast of Virginia’s idyllic Eastern Shore in the town of Exmore, our team of over 100 artisans are proud to create and share unique, handcrafted mosaics which include decorative borders, murals, field tile, and medallions.

All of our designers are first and foremost mosaicists who began their journey on the production floor where they learned the importance of scale, intricacy, and attention to every single detail. These are the brains (or should we say the hands) behind the mosaics. With a combined experience of over 80 years between them, the Design Team draws much of their inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds them on the Eastern Shore – the night sky, the foam created by the waves as they beat on years-old wood pilings, the way the sand pools around bare feet in the summer months – you name it! Our design team is constantly learning, researching, and developing to bring to market the most high-end and trend-setting mosaics.

Our products are not only trendsetting, they bring art to practical spaces. Design is in our DNA. New artistic collections and innovative product lines are released each year. And each product can be customized to meet the needs of any customer — tile can be tumbled, honed, or treated to create distinctive styles, subtle shade variations, and textures. The final product is a custom, one-of-a-kind work of art in mosaic tile, which often incorporates the designs of architects, interior designers, and their clients.

It’s amazing just how many hands touch a New Ravenna mosaic before it goes out the door. From sales, concept boards and the warehouse, to pre-production and tumbling, to mosaics, waterjet, hand-chopping, and shipping, there are multiple talented artisans in multiple departments creating YOUR one-of-a-kind mosaic with lots of love.

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