5 Easy Ways to Get a Medieval Vibe

It’s still true, your home is your castle—all the more so if it’s got elements of Gothic Revival, Romanesque, Tudor, or even Craftsman! The warmth (and mysticism) of medieval design is comforting and connects us with the past. What follow are five easy ways to bring that nostalgia home.

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1. Stone Floors (instead of broadloom)

Stone is literally the base of your old-world look. Stone is natural and timeless. You can always place rugs on top, as they did back in the days of drafty castles and manor halls.

2. Large-scale Furniture (especially wood)

Hochfilzen Natural Furniture Piece

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A modern sort of minimalism is out the window for this look. To get the sense of scale you want, go big or go home! Opt for large pieces in furniture, and make them significant. Bold pieces (of wood or with a wood frame and legs) are classic.  Eliminate Modernist geometric shapes. Don’t stick to squares and rectangles: Byzantine and Islamic design, Gothic trefoils and arches, Renaissance curves and carvings, and the baroque figure into this style of furnishing and decoration.

Schlierbach Brass Furniture Piece

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3. Lush Draperies

Drapery panels that go to the floor are an important part of the look. They may touch the floor or even puddle. This kind of overflow is at once comforting and elegant. Set the rod higher than the window trim to make the room feel even taller. 

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4. A Dark or Saturated Palette 

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A few colors are classics associated with this period—think of illuminated manuscripts! Use burgundy, gold, and dark green, at least one of those as the basis for your color palette. If you have the time and budget, opt for a brilliant, saturated color on the walls. Lighter tones in fabrics and furniture make a nice complement in sync with today’s taste. If going dark on the walls is too much for you, try using a strong color on a feature wall.

5. Traditional Rugs

Olivia Updated Traditional Saffron/Navy Area Rug

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Carpeting throughout is not the right thing, but we definitely recommend the use of rugs. Traditional patterns, in medium sizes, add warmth, color, pattern, and a design statement. Room-size rugs should leave at least 12” of floor showing at the perimeter. 

Jules Updated Traditional Sky Blue/Light/Gray/White/Navy Area Rug

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Emilly Updated Traditional Saffron/Burnt Orange Area Rug

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Decorating with tradition makes a home carry ancestral meaning. Look to some of these enduring standards when creating a “modern medieval” interior for your loved ones.

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