Garden Design

Garden Design

What type of garden is appropriate for your historic home’s style? Here you’ll find advice for garden design in numerous complementary styles, such as ornamental gardens, Georgian style, Federal style, Greek Revival, and more.


Product of the Week

Building a Romantic Garden Folly

Appearing in the 18th-century estate gardens of European aristocrats, an architectural structure known as a folly became all the rage. Typically in the form of a ruined castle, church, or temple, these had no function other than to add romance to the landscape. They are permanent structures in masonry, not cheap to build, which serve no purpose: hence the nomenclature.

Fence Options for Every House Style

Building a fence for an old house is seldom an inexpensive proposition. Nonetheless, first investing a little thought into the best fence design can pay big dividends in an attractive feature that unites the building and landscape while enhancing privacy, establishing property boundaries, and protecting children and pets.

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